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Sunday, March 29, 2020

School of Rock Instructs Online

Badlands of Indiana, USA (March 29, 2020) WHR - The music show must go on and at the School of Rock, nearly 40,000 students worldwide will keep jamming with remote music lessons.

Currently, there are a growing number of families being asked to remain in their homes or limit travel. At School of Rock, the health and safety of our students is their top priority. As part of this commitment, they have launched a virtual, one-on-one music education program that allows students to take music lessons remotely.

School of Rock Remote will further your child’s musical journey in a way that prioritizes well-being through social distancing. Weekly one-on-one instruction is conducted by their expert School of Rock instructors in a safe virtual lesson room.

Students will receive their training using their proprietary education program, The School of Rock Method™, which couples virtual lessons with our proprietary Method App™, SongFirst Approach™ and Method Books™. This new offering results in a comprehensive music experience that is fun, educational and safe.

School of Rock uses a performance-based approach to provide students of all ages guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and singing lessons.

“At School of Rock, the health and safety of our students is our top priority, which is why we have rapidly adapted our operations in order to meet students’ needs,” said Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock.

“School of Rock Remote along with our School of Rock Method App is a fantastic way to provide continuity and connection. Our instructors are gigging musicians, and they have shown their flexibility to make sure the music goes on.”


All of their music programs for kids, teens, and adults are designed to help students gain amazing musical proficiency. School of Rock Remote is no exception. Students in the Remote program have access to all major elements of their industry-leading education approach, but are able to take lessons from home.

Online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online drum lessons, online singing lessons, and online bass guitar lessons are all offered through the School of Rock Remote online music lesson program.

SOURCE: School of Rock