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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

World Tallest Mohican Mohawk

Park Rapids, Minnesota, USA (September 16, 2020) - After previously trying to obtain an official record title, Joseph Grisamore is now officially on the pages of this year’s book after achieving the world’s tallest full Mohican Mohawk.

Measuring 1.08 m (42.5 inches) in height, this lengthy hairdo can easily be spotted from a distance. "My favorite thing about the mohawk is just the rarity of it," Joseph said. "I’ll admit that peoples’ reactions are pretty priceless too. I’m 6’1 tall, and my mohawk is pushing 4 feet now."

"Doors aren’t over 7’ tall, ceilings 9’, and cars are impossible to get into - so I’m limited to where and how I move around when I’m all done up, but the crowd usually comes to me.”

Joseph wanted to break this record back in 2007. However he was too afraid to shave the sides of his hair, which is required for the record attempt. Since he’s been known for having long hair most of his life, he thought this was the perfect record for him to have.

After being inspired to try again, he needed to start from scratch due to his hair becoming too dreaded – so Joseph regrew his mane and actually managed to have it reach the length of four feet in just seven years! One of the most surprising elements to Joseph’s hair is that it actually does not require much maintenance.

When he’s not wearing it in a record-breaking tower, Joseph keeps his hair braided and in two knots as to avoid sitting on it. During his time in quarantine, Joseph has been an essential worker at a healthcare facility in Minnesota and has tried to look for silver lining amid the global changes.

One these includes becoming a Guinness World Records title holder and being featured in the 2021 book, a feat he is incredibly proud of. “When I was first informed that I’d become a Guinness World Records title holder, I was over the top. Having a goal become a reality is always a thankful experience."

"I’m honored to be added to a list of one-of-a-kind record holders. My wife wants me to stay humble, but instead I’m considering becoming the ‘Mohawk King’, and attempting the tallest Mohawk spike title, which is how I’d begun my journey with record-breaking in 2007."

SOURCE: Guinness World Records

Saturday, September 12, 2020

'Confusion Wheel' by Tom Petty

Badlands of Indiana (September 12, 2020) - A previously unreleased song by Tom Petty has been released in anticipation of his upcoming Wildflowers & All the Rest box set.

“Confusion Wheel” was written by Petty in 1994 and has remained on the shelf ever since. The tune begins with the late rocker singing over a jangly acoustic guitar part. From there, the song slowly expands, as drums, vocal harmonies and electric guitar add extra layers to the poignant track.

Lyrically, Petty explores internal fears, searching for safety in a chaotic existence. “So much confusion has entered my life / So much confusion has torn me apart / So much confusion has made me afraid / And I don’t know how to love / And I don’t know who to trust / And I don’t know what I did,” he sings on the song’s chorus. Still, Petty tries to maintain a positive outlook, noting that “One of these days we’ll drive away / Drive away singing a brand-new song / We’ll wake up singing a brand-new song.”

You can listen to “Confusion Wheel” below.

The song is one of 10 tracks that make up the All the Rest portion of the upcoming set. The box will also feature the original Wildflowers LP, a collection of 15 Petty home demos, live versions of 14 songs recorded between 1995 and 2017 and 16 alternate studio versions of Wildflowers tracks.

Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe editions will offer the set in various forms, with varying bonus material, including a lithograph, tour-program replica, reproductions of handwritten lyrics and specially commissioned illustrations accompanying some of the versions.

Wildflowers & All the Rest will be released on Oct. 16; it's available for pre-order now.