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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Prince Preforms ‘Purple Rain’ During A Downpour

Badlands of Indiana, USA (February 1, 2020) WHR — A tribute to a legend that has passed too soon, we take a look back at Prince’s iconic Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show through a rain and wind storm.

It had not rained during the Super Bowl in over 40-years, but when Prince took to the stage to showcase the Halftime Show, it was pouring. The rain and wind didn’t stop Prince from putting on one of the best Halftime Show’s in the history of the Super Bowl.

While the electrifying performance seemed effortless and even fitting in the rain — because, honestly, what’s cooler than “Purple Rain” in the rain? — Hayes revealed that it was extremely slippery to perform in the rain and that he and some of the other performers almost fell during the show.

In fact, Hayes revealed that it was raining so hard that while the musical equipment worked during the show, the instruments wouldn’t turn on again after the performance. ‘It was as though Prince ordered the rain’.

Prince’s incredible showmanship and talent shined through the rain and when he closed out his set playing ‘Purple Rain’, the moment could not have been any more perfect.

This was truly one of the best, true performances from an artist who was not looking to promote himself, but share his incredible talent with the entire world.

Rest easy Prince.